Our Purpose

The Foundation for Blended and Online Learning was created to advance and improve the availability and quality of blended and online educational opportunities for students and teachers and to strengthen the outcomes of those programs through active academic, instructional, and technology support for personalized learning. The Foundation works toward these goals through its Student Scholarship and Innovative Educator Grant programs, the development and distribution of original research exploring emerging policy and practice, and ongoing collaboration with diverse leaders across the fields of education, business, policy, and philanthropy.

Our Programs

Our Progress

The Foundation for Blended and Online Learning launched in January of 2016 with a lofty mission, a generous seed grant, and a fierce determination to support the success of innovative learning environments (and the students and teachers driving them).

Our first year saw the distribution of 31 post-secondary scholarships to high school graduates who had completed blended or online studies; the awarding of seven Innovative Educator Grants to teachers developing new digital programs in their classrooms and districts; and the release of the first of several research projects, “Why Do Students Choose Blended and Online Schools?”. Additionally, in partnership with Village Capital, we co-produced a leadership summit at the Newseum in Washington, DC that brought investors, educators, philanthropists, entrepreneurs, policymakers, and students together to explore the role of technology in personalized learning.

This year promises to push our work to even greater levels.

I invite you to join our growing network of funders, supporters, and partners to be a part of (and help shape) our continued success.


Amy E. Valentine
Executive Director