Shiara Vega Natal

My experience with blended learning started approximately three years ago when I was in tenth grade. At first, it was very difficult for us students to adopt to the new learning mechanism since we already had a functional way of how we worked at school. Personally, I became a little bit frustrated because teachers expected us to finish up three to four things in a class of about an hour and ten minutes. Of course, since they were giving us more work during class, we had more homework. I don't blame any of this on the system, I blame it on the teachers who didn't understand the right way of how to incorporate the blended learning.

Then I got the hang of it and the teachers did too and it went a lot better. Now that I'm in my last year, I'm glad they incorporated the new blended learning technology into our school, because now I feel more relaxed, learn more and get relatively good grades. I've always been a good student, but I'm not going to deny that the blended learning incorporated at my school has bit of a challenge these past few years.


Trujillo Alto, PR

Saint Francis School

Colorado State University


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