Abigale Koch

Above all, learning in an online school has made a tremendous difference in my life.

Learning in an online school has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. In traditional school, I felt constricted and held back. I had to learn at the same pace as everyone else. I couldn't work ahead. I also felt that I had to follow whatever method the teacher taught. I couldn't really find other ways to solve a problem or look at other perspectives on certain subjects. What was being taught was what I had to learn and use. Being in a classroom full of other children often became distracting for me as well. The noise and random movements made it very difficult for me to focus on my work. I also felt it hard to attain the help I needed with my work. The teacher would be concerned with helping all of the other students who had questions that he or she couldn't really give me the attention that I needed.

But with online school, all of these barriers have come down. The flexibility is amazing. I can work at whatever pace I feel fit. As long as there is internet, I can do my schoolwork anywhere. I can also look ahead at upcoming assignments and start any preparation I feel is necessary. I can do more in-depth research on certain topics and on problems I have trouble figuring out as I have complete access to the internet.

I could get the one-on-one time I really needed and my teachers really helped me.

I also feel that I get more one-on-one time with a teacher when I need help. Although we are not physically together, just being able to talk directly to each other or work in a virtual classroom together is perfect for me. My questions are often answered in a timely manner. Technically, I can contact my teacher at any time with online school. If a question pops up in the evening, I can send my teacher an email and expect to receive a response in the morning. I can work in a peaceful and quiet environment as well. Although distractions do come about, they aren't to the extent that the other children are. It's just me, allowing me to focus solely on my work.


Gearhart, OR

Oregon Connections Academy

Clatsop Community College

2018Lisa Mullis