Strategic Partners

Education-focused Nonprofit Organizations

Collaboration is key to the success of our programs. We do not presume to have all of the answers. At the same time, we do know we bring value to the work of others and that they, in turn, inform and strengthen our efforts. FBOL has been fortunate to identify thought partners in a number of nonprofits focused on the transformation of teaching and learning. Their creativity, leadership, and insight complement our underlying mission and their willingness to challenge and champion our work is greatly appreciated.

Corporate CSR Initiatives and In-kind Support

An increasing number of organizations dedicate funding and resources to the improvement of the K-12 education landscape. With their partnership, FBOL serves as a super-connector in the space, providing a wide-range of stakeholders the opportunity to support our mission and programs through diverse, creative alliances. We are grateful for these partners and their contributions to our organization.


Generous financial support from investors who believe in FBOL’s vision and programs allows us to achieve and expand upon our strategic goals. Since our launch in February 2016, FBOL has dedicated all investor donations directly into the three grant-making areas at the heart of our work. It is with great appreciation that we acknowledge their support. Their passionate commitment ensures our journey to transform the K-12 education experience for students and teachers.

If you are interested in discussing a partnership that will further our mutual efforts, please contact us