Student Scholarship Program

I remember the excitement (of transitioning to online learning), seeing all of the new courses and classes being offered that I never would have had the chance to take otherwise.
— Brianna Abbas

Whether challenged by geography, health, or familial constraints or simply not challenged enough academically, blended and online learning programs have the potential to close enormous opportunity gaps for students and enable pursuit of academic and vocational dreams that surpass their current situations.

A growing number of students are seeking out blended and online learning programs for a variety of reasons all with one common goal — personalizing their learning so they can move beyond present constraints. For those who have already demonstrated their willingness to embrace the power of technology in their educational journey, we have the Student Scholarship Program.

Our student scholarship program provides graduates of accredited blended and online programs access to financial support that will enable them to achieve their educational goals beyond high school. The SSP is the only scholarship of its kind, specifically focused on supporting students who have proven their commitment to digital learning and wish to continue this approach through their secondary education.

With extended blended and online learning support, students such as our Arkansas, Idaho, and West Virginia scholarship recipients, are walking onto a more level playing field when progressing to college and career opportunities. These scholars are entering both their post-secondary programs and the workforce with an expanded set of learning skills thanks to the innovative programs of study they chose to follow.

Through the SSP, we are able to work first-hand with scholars and their parents to demonstrate, through their experience and voice, the impact that technology, innovation, and ultimately digital learning courses play in personalizing the teaching and learning process for all students. This information helps inform decisions down line that impact education policy and practice.

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