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Each of our research projects is rooted in simple questions. In 2016, we explored the question: Why do students choose blended and online schools? The responses reflected the diversity of individual motivations leading parents and their children to explore new learning environments offering flexibility and individualized experiences. 

In 2017, we asked: What is the evolving educator experience as policy, practice, and technology blend into a reimagined “classroom”? Where do opportunities exist? How are schools and districts supporting the professional development of staff using new tools and methods? What lessons can be learned from early-adopters? How are educators reframing the role of “teacher” relative to the contemporary learning experience? 

In our most recent report, we examine: How are rural states and schools integrating digital learning into their portfolio of educational opportunities to secure a better future for their children and communities?

These questions are not developed to lead us toward a single answer or solution. Instead, we welcome a journey that arrives at multiple destinations so that we may share a number of perspectives with those invested in the future of teaching and learning. 



MARCH 2018

Digital Learning Strategies for Rural America: A scan of policy and practice in K–12 education

A quarter of all U.S. primary and secondary students live and are educated in rural areas of the country. Remote districts can face challenges to delivery and receipt of a world class education, but research from FBOL and Evergreen Education Group highlights how digital learning programs are addressing these obstacles. Digital Learning Strategies for Rural America: a Scan of Policy and Practice in K–12 Education provides insight into innovative learning environment and course design developed at the state- and school-level to support the unique needs of students attending, and communities that are home to, more than half of the country’s school districts.

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Teaching with Technology: Educators’ Perspectives and Recommendations for Successful Blended Instructional Strategies

As teachers increasingly integrate new technology and tools into their classroom practice, common benefits and challenges can be identified in the collective experience of educators throughout the country. This report, developed with Evergreen Education Group, draws insight from educators teaching in traditional public schools, charter public schools, alternative education programs, and private schools, as well as in-depth interviews with teachers and administrators across the country, and school and classroom observations by its authors.

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Why Do Students Choose Blended and Online Schools?

This paper, developed with Evergreen Education Group, explores common motivations behind the choice to enroll in a school or program other than a traditional brick-and-mortar setting. Through a series of stakeholder interviews, school snapshots, and data drawn from a variety of sources, Why Do Students Choose Blended and Online Schools? offers a look at the academic, social, and sometimes difficult personal reasons students throughout the country turn to alternatives to their local public school.

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