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Foundation Mission

To advance and improve the availability and quality of blended/online educational opportunities and outcomes, including academic, instructional, and educational technology support and development to empower students through personalized learning.

Our Beginning

Launched in January 2016, The Foundation for Blended and Online Learning is an independent charitable organization dedicated to improving and advancing the field of digital education for all children through three distinct programs: post-secondary scholarships; grants for best practices by educators; and research studies that focus on next-generation needs.

Foundation Goals

  • Invest in students and teachers who are learning and working in the online setting.
  • Bridge the online and face-to- face learning environments via sharing blended learning strategy best practices.
  • Advance the field of digital learning by providing an unbiased view of the benefits of personalized learning for students enrolled in blended and online programs.
  • With a focus on students being first priority, improve the infusion of technology in classrooms nationwide by bringing together constituents and allies of school turnaround.
  • Provide a forum for educational advocates to break the paradigm of traditional educational models by creating an alliance of individuals and organizations committed to supporting systems that reflect the changing nature of teaching and learning in the 21st century.

Overview of Programs

Scholarship Program

Empowering students as life-long learners is a central goal of The Foundation for Blended and Online Learning. It is our mission to provide graduates of accredited blended and online programs with access to financial support that will allow them the opportunity to achieve their educational goals beyond high school. What makes our scholarship program different is the focus on awarding scholarships to students who have demonstrated the ability to embrace technology to improve their educational experiences, both academically and personally. Recent high school graduates who meet the specific selection criteria outlined by The Foundation Scholarship Committee will be considered for one-year tuition-based awards to four-year universities, community colleges, and accredited vocational programs.

Teacher Grant Program

Our unique Teacher Grant Program is designed to recognize and reward teachers and counselors who have demonstrated excellence in education in targeted areas in the blended and online setting. A great deal of excellent work is happening in technology-driven learning environments. In order to capture some of the powerful best practices and share these strategies with the community at large, the Teacher Grant Program solicits proposals from educational innovators to learn more about what they have done in the field to make a difference with their students, in their classrooms, and in utilizing different mediums and modes of digital tools.

The 2016 Teacher Innovation Grant Program solicited applications from educators in the following categories:

  • Special Education
  • English Language Learning/English Learning Acquisition (ELL/ELA)
  • Remedial math strategies
  • Reading interventions

Specialized Research Projects

The emphasis of the 2016 Digital Education Report is focused on capturing data focused on the growing demand for blended and online options from parents and students alike. Parent choice in education is of critical importance to better understand the changing landscape of schools in our country. We want to hear from families regarding why they chose an innovative learning environment, what impact it has had on their child(ren), and to share these stories to embolden social change and forward movement of our country’s educational system.

What is Blended Learning?

Blended learning replaces a portion of the traditional face-to-face instruction with web-based online learning. While students still attend brick and mortar schools with a teacher present, face-to-face classroom methods are combined with computer-mediated activities.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of the Foundation consists of prominent industry leaders and experts: