Blended and Online Learning Create a Roadmap for Student Success

By Kenneth Campbell

As a father and a longtime advocate for parental choice in education, I know the value created when parents have both the right and the ability to choose the educational options that best meet the needs of their children. Parents want and should expect to receive the best learning outcomes for their children, regardless of how much money they make, where they live, or any individual learning challenges. Educational choice is not just about providing options for parents and their children; it’s also a social movement that can potentially propel our entire educational system into more innovative learning environments.

We know that unequal access to technology can widen economic and social divides in our communities. However, when schools embrace blended and online learning options, they not only push the envelope for educational possibilities, they also help create equity for students in underserved communities.

By expanding blended and online learning programs, schools in underserved communities can bridge these gaps by giving students equal access to the highest-quality content and curricula. And equal access also means early access: Studies show that children who gain fluency in technology at an early age often perform better in school, attend better colleges, get better jobs, and live better lives.

Blended learning is integral to this trajectory. Integrating digital technology and tools is not about replacing the teacher; instead, it is about supplementing the efforts of educators by providing increased opportunities for differentiating curriculum, individualizing instruction, and truly meeting learners where they are in their educational pursuits and post-secondary goals. By ensuring that technology-driven programs are available to all children, we can create a better roadmap for student success.

The creative use of technology enables our schools to move beyond ‘cookie cutter’ approaches and instead design personalized, cutting-edge academic solutions that adapt to the learning preferences and styles of individual students. That’s why I’m proud to lend my experience to the Foundation for Blended and Online Learning’s mission to support personalized, technology-based educational options for all students through our scholarships, grants, and original research.

Kenneth Campbell serves on the FBOL Board of Directors and is President of the Black Alliance for Educational Options (BAEO).