Why Do Students Choose Blended and Online Schools?

The draw of personalized learning environments is explored in a new report from The Foundation for Blended and Online Learning

CASTLE ROCK, CO — The opportunity for flexibility with respect to where, when, and how they learn and the desire to incorporate personal interests into their education are key factors in students’ decision to attend blended or online schools according to a new report from The Foundation for Blended and Online Learning (FBOL). The paper, developed with the Evergreen Education Group, explores common motivations behind the choice to enroll in a school or program other than a traditional brick-and-mortar setting. Through a series of stakeholder interviews, school snapshots, and data drawn from a variety of sources, Why Do Students Choose Blended and Online Schools? offers a look at the academic, social, and sometimes difficult personal reasons students throughout the country turn to alternatives to their local public school.

Amy Valentine, FBOL’s Executive Director, said, “Determining the role of blended and online programs in the wider school landscape begins with an understanding of what makes them an attractive option to our students. If we are able to identify why a student’s needs are not being met by traditional schools, we can design personalized learning environments for those who have been historically underserved by school. With all of the potential for personalization in education, we rarely hear from students regarding their experience. This report goes directly to the source to provide insight into the reasons they choose to move into blended and online programs.”

Whether the reason is academic, personal, or health-based, or stems from a unique life circumstance, more students than ever before are turning to blended and online programs to meet their educational needs. To provide their diverse student populations with an array of learning environments, schools and districts must be aware of why students leave their traditional school and how to fill the gaps in their portfolios.

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