2016 Student Scholar: Ericka Woods | Do What You Love

Our 2016 Student Scholarship Program recipients represent every corner of the country. From big cities to small towns, they attended a variety of schools and are exploring a wide range of academic, professional, and personal interests. A common trait we found among many of them, however, is a fondness for studying in their pajamas (just as is true of their brick-and-mortar peers). While we don’t count “pajama appropriate” chief among the benefits of online learning, we must admit that there is some appeal there. While online students can choose to take classes in their pajamas, they still have to get their work completed. PJs or jacket and tie, it's up to them to make it happen. Self-discipline and initiative are required to succeed in an online learning environment. The characteristics that support achievement in an online school often lead to significant personal and academic growth, and are life skills they will carry forever.

2016 scholarship recipient Ericka Woods shares this in a video clip below.

We are so proud to support Ericka’s future aspirations, which include getting her purple pride on at Northwestern University. She also offers some good advice for up and coming high school students: “Don’t stress out too much. Do what you can do. Do what you like to do. I promise you it will pay off in the end.” Northwestern is lucky to have you, Ericka!

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Ericka Woods | Chicago Virtual Charter School | Chicago, IL