Think Tank

Advancing and improving the field of blended and online learning is the primary mission of the foundation. This will be accomplished with more precision and efficacy through collaboration. Our organization invites other stakeholders to join forces with us to provide all students with access to educational options that support personalized learning with an emphasis on the use of technology as a beneficial modality for learning. We can provide more opportunities to students working together. We owe it to the children of our country to change the way we look at education as a whole in order to best suit their rapidly evolving needs. Together, we can continue to increase our educational system’s rate and pace of change to reflect our modernized, interconnected society.

All constituents are invited to join our Think Tank in one or more of the following ways:

  • 2016 Scholarship Program Selection Committee
  • 2016 Teacher Grant Program Selection Committee
  • 2017 Scholarship Program (expansion and donations)
  • 2017 Teacher Grant Program (expansion and donations)
  • Establish organizational partnerships
  • Form strategic alliances

Please look forward to a 2016–2017 symposium and/or working sessions hosted by The Foundation for Blended and Online Learning. Details to follow.