2016 Innovative Educator Grant Recipients

2016 Innovative Educator Grant Winners

Vanessa Jimenez, Steubing Ranch Elementary School, San Antonio, TX
Development of a blended dual-language kindergarten literacy program utilizing online resources and technology tools in a progress-monitored environment that allows students to document and reflect upon their learning journey through digital portfolios

Micah Johnson, Headland Middle School, Headland, AL
Design and integration of a blended learning experience for geography students living in a low-income farming community that connects them to the land and their community through project-based modules

Julia E. Lyles, Heritage Elementary School, Waddy, KY
Expansion of an open, competency-based blended math model and curriculum for 3rd Grade

Joshua Miranda, City on a Hill New Bedford, New Bedford, MA
Evolving a highly-regarded numeracy- and literacy-focused tutoring program to a data-driven blended learning environment utilizing OER content and personalized instruction that effectively reaches students along a broad range of mastery

Anthony Schmidt, Schurz High School, Chicago, IL
Bridging the digital divide for inner-city students using a flipped classroom model and further development of an open physics curriculum for 11th Grade

Peter Servidio, Holy Savior School & Saint Dominic Academy, Rumford, ME
Implementation of a blended and online learning road map providing digital access to rural students and modeling a replicable program for use in Catholic schools throughout the state

Patricia Shelton, Eatonville High School, Eatonville, WA
Continued transition to online learning for a successful alternative learning center supporting at-risk and over-aged/under-credited students